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Update on cloth diapering

I LOVE it!!  I can't believe how much it has improved his skin.  Before his poor tush was always rosy and his little crack was always red and angry :(  I am sad it took me so long to realize he was allergic to disposables.  But I caught it and that's what count.  I am so glad I switched, really wished I had done it all along.  I love how soft and dry his bum is after being in cloth.  I just absolutely adore it <3  I cleaned blow out outfits almost every day while using huggies and switching to another disposable did not improve that.  In fact every time he's pooped in one of the huggies I have left he has blown out.  Today I scrubbed his clothes, the changing table cover and him!!  Bad sposies!  I have only had one poo incident with a cloth diaper.  It was only a tiny leak out the leg and that poop was as bad as the one today.  I would MUCH rather clean a poopy diaper than a poopy outfit.  I prefer my messes contained and not all over the place.  Plus if I can't get the stain out of a diaper it doesn't ruin it.  So all in all I really am pleased with the decision to switch.  Now I've just got to figure out exactly what works the best for us.  Right now I have a few different styles of diapers.  Maybe I'll review them here so I can keep it all straight.  And I might be wrong, but I think baby boy likes his cloth diapers and happy tushy :)