Because Motherhood is a journey!


Becoming a WAHM

One of the things that has always plagued me about being a SAHM (stay at home mom) is leaving all the financial burden on my husband's shouders. My being at home was his idea and he is not upset at all about our arrangement. I am the one with the problem. I have always been so independent and leaving everything in his hands is hard for me. At first I stayed on call at my old job for about a year and half. Then that dried up and I had to move on. Then I babysat my niece for a while. Then that also went away when my brother in law was laid off. I will be watching my sister's new baby in about a year, but I need to do something before then. I have been searching the internet and the classifieds for something I could do that would not affect my husband's schedule. I then came to the conclusion that there is really nothing that I can do. His schedule takes up so much of the day. He works eight hours at the prison five days a week. He often stays for an extra eight. So any job that fell within the hours of 1:30pm-6:30am was out of the question. Doesn't really leave much time for any potention employer to work with. I gave up for while. Then I saw that other moms like me were calling themselves WAHM's. I knew what SAHM mom meant, but had no idea what a WAHM was. Then I looked it up and a lightbulb went off in my head. WAHM means Work at home mom! Well I could definitely do that. Right? Maybe not. I had no skills or education that would alllow me to apply for a job that didn't care if I was in the office or not. Then I thought about all the pages I had become a fan of on Facebook. All those women were mothers and most seemed to sell handmade items as their sole income. It seems so easy. Post what you've made and take a custom order every once in a while. I can do that! I love to crochet and I am pretty darn good at it. So this last week I took the plunge and reserved the name "All 4 my 2 Creations" on Etsy and Facebook. I have already made a couple items to sell. I have also sold 4 changing pad covers that I sewed. Its a start and a happy one at that. I have definitely learned that I like seeing my projects being used by other people. I will not be sewing much more until I get a better machine though!!! I thought I was going to throw that thing out the window. Crocheting and knitting are my passions and I will definitely be staying with those. I am so happy to be taking this plunge. I hate not making any money. Maybe its me, but I just don't like being taken care of. I want to feel like a participant in the finances and now I get to feel that way again! And of course the business had to be named "All 4 my 2 Creations" because everything I do is about the little people that I have brought into the world.


Some things I do no like about motherhood

Today I had to take my almost one year old son to the ER. My daughter was being disobedient and didn't stop rocking the glider when I told her to. He got behind it and it hit him. He ended up with a laceraton by his eyebrow. I am so glad the damage wasn't worse. This is the part of motherhood I do not like. I can't stand to see one of my babies in pain. I wish I could just take it away. Another thing I do not like is the disobedience, whining and hard headedness that eventually all kids have to go through. There are days when I am at my wits end when it comes to my five year old. I just keep telling myself this to will pass.


Its been so long

Its been so long since I have updated this blog. Our little family has been through some trying times. We like all families out there are really starting to feel the pinch financially. We let the internet go, because it is one of those frivolous things we don't actually need. I dod most of my surfing on my phone anyways. I tried to blog on my phone, I even downloaded an app. It just was to hard to blog on my phone, so I gave it up for a while. I am now going to be able to pick it back up again. I also thing I will be able to do it more often then before. The internet is going to come back into this little home of ours. I have decided to go back to college. I am going to be taking online classes and well you need internet to succeed with that. I am just going for a two year degree. I want to do something a little more marketable, and my interests have changed greatly since I first went. I always thought it was stupid to ask an 18 year old to make such a huge decision about life. I still would do what I originally chose to do, but I would need more schooling to really be marketable in this tough job market. If I am going to pay for it, why not just go do something that suits my personality better? I have worked out a time daily just for myself. I expect that I will be able to blog, read, craft etc. during that time. At night I sit with my son until he falls asleep. Theres a glider in his room and I take the opportunity to do things I enjoy. I sit in that glider long after he falls asleep listening to his little soft snores as I take time to do things just for me. I have really come to appreciate this time. Its a nice way to wind down from a long day with a high needs infant and a chatty five year old. As much as I love spending time with my husband and children it is really nice to have solitude (well as close to it as I can come) every day. Maybe its starting a bad habit for the boy, but a part of me does not care. I cherish this time in his room. It started as a way for me to get him to go to sleep in a calmer manner. After I realized his howls carry well outside of the house I decided something had to change. He WAS falling sleep after only a few minutes of whining, then we moved him to his own room. BIG mistake. His room is so foreign to him and he refuses to sleep in it no matter how pretty the jungle animals on the wall may be. He cried for longer and longer stretches of time every night and started to actually wake a few time a night EVERY night. I really felt like he was regressing back to that scream all night and day newborn. I decided one night to just stay in his room and comfort him. The first few nights I do not think that it cut down on his crying to much and I was pretty discouraged. Eventually he became a lot calmer about sleeping in his room. He now only protests when initially laid down and then plays around a bit before drifting off to sleep in about five minutes time. As I type this right now he is talking in his sleep :) I am glad that we have both found a solution that works well for the both of us. He gets the comfort of having me near, and I get some time that is carved out just for mommy.