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Lanolizing my woolies

Do I have your attention now? For those who don't know "my woolies" is not a euphemism for anything untowards. Really my woolies are technically my sons. I have been having problems with his PUL diaper covers cutting into his pop can thighs. Adding wool and fleece covers to my rotation is my solution for the red marks/bruises the PUL covers leave. I recently purchased a pair of wool longies and a soaker from a local WAHM. Her company name is "The Sleepy Sheep" and buying from her made wool diaper covers fit into my budget. Wool covers can be very, very expensive. The wool I bought was made from an upcycled sweater and works just the same as those expensive covers at a fraction of the cost. In my opinion the upcycles ones are much cuter! But thats enough on that. I will later dedicate a post to reviewing my products from The Sleepy Sheep.

I used The sleepy sheep's instructions and was able to quite easily lanolize my first cover. For those who don't know Lanolin is the oil that you feel whenever you pet a sheep. I used the lansinoh lanolin I bought to help with those first weeks of nursing. The wool item is put in a lanolin bath so that it soaks up the lanolin and becomes water resistant. This water resistance is why wool works as a diaper cover. I was so nervous about lanolizing the covers. It just seemed to easy to ruin my investment. I am so thankful that her blog was available. She had a lot of photos and very clear directions. For the uninitiated, wool can be very, very easily shrunk without much effort at all. Just ask anyone who has ruined their favorite wool sweater. The soaker is currently sitting overnight in my sink and so far it does not look like something that will fit a doll.

I have been using the covers without lanolin all week, but I can't wait to see how they work now that they will be fully prepped to repel pee.

This is my fluffy delivery from "The Sleepy Sheep" :)

My son in his longies

This is the back side of the custom soaker she made for us. She made an orange frog just like my five year old asked for. I am thinking next time I want a monkey for my chunker munkers :)


The Sleepy Sheep said...

Thanks for linking me, and the great review on my instructions! I'm so glad things are working for you!