Because Motherhood is a journey!


A small victory!

Today I feel like I have gotten a small victory. I was able to put my baby down in his crib for a nap for the very first time! I know it doesn't seem like much to most people, but don't forget that my little boy is a very high needs baby. High needs babies are very sensitive and want things to be done a certain way and lustily resent change. He wants to be held and nursed to sleep. I don't mind doing that, but when he wakes up he has no skills to put himself back to sleep. I also think waking in different surroundings than what he fell asleep in has to be disconcerting and doesn't help him go back to sleep by himself. He is not hungry when he wakes up, but he nurses anyways because he needs that stimulation to go back to sleep. And if that doesn't happen he starts to throw such a huge fit that he pukes everwhere and it just escalates until I respond to him in the way he wants. Needless to say there is not much sleep going on for anyone. He doesn't fall asleep until after midnight and he wakes at least once every night. Believe it or not, we have fought for this sleeping pattern. Down by midnight and awakening once is a good sleep pattern for him! My husband and I are exhausted. We have been working on putting him to sleep by patting his back while he is laying down. Theres been mixed results with this. Today was definitely a success story. I put him down drowsy in his crib and patted for about five minutes and he fell asleep! That NEVER happens. It definitely never happens in his crib. At almost eight months old my baby has taken his first nap in his crib! Its the small things like this that make me grin ear to ear :D

And on a side note, my Lovely Pocket Diapers arrived today! Pics and a blog post reviewing them coming soon.