Because Motherhood is a journey!


Sleep! Oh how I miss thee!

I do not do well with lack of sleep. I need to be able to sleep to be productive and keep my house clean. My son goes to sleep so late and my daughter wakes up so early. Not much time left for sleeping. I feel like I am burning the candle on both ends here. I thought that I would be getting pretty good sleep now that my son is eight months old. But having a high needs baby is a different game all together. He never slept much as a newborn and he's not a sleeper now. He has just recently started to sleep long stretches of time and I am eternally greatful for that. My problem is that I am now trained to not be able to sleep until about two in the morning. I am having a hard time going to sleep earlier. My husband is a nightowl and can easily stay up all night. He also can survive on barely any sleep at all. Being the exact opposite I just don't get how he does it. But in this case being so different works to our advantage. He is able to take the late shift and then sleep in while I take the early shift and go to bed earlier. The only kink in the system is when I am up with him doing the late shift and the baby is asleep! LOL. I need to be sleeping, but here I am blogging and entering giveaways. I will always be the one doing the early shift even on Mother's day, so I will definitely be a mess in the morning. Good thing my five year old only needs me to be able to hand her some cereal and then I can lay on the couch while she amuses herself. Days like that I remember what my husband's aunt always says to me when I look frazzled. "It will never be as hard as it right now". She's got a point. I notice that my children get easier as they grow and mature. During the survival mode newborn stage with my son, i thought I would never ever have a moment of quiet again. He screamed and screamed all day. Now he sits quietly by himself playing and trying to crawl. I would have never looked at that unhappy newborn and imagined that he would ever sit by himself giggling. So I am setting my eyes towards the future where both my children will go to sleep at a decent hour and my husband and I will follow them a couple hours later. Someday we will all get ourselves and our sleep schedules sorted out and this will be a distant fond memory. But while its here I don't want to forget how I felt about it. Every part of being a mom is great, even the parts that exhaust and frustrate me.