Because Motherhood is a journey!


Runsfest 2011, Cloth diapering and a tooth!

Its been a while since I scribbled about my life on this here blog. A couple of weeks ago my daughter came down with a stomach virus and my son started a round of antibiotics. Needless to say I was up to my elbows in runny, smelly poop and vomit for over a week. I am just getting back to where life feels like normal. Having two kids definately doubles the mess! Husband and I even got a touch of it around the time the kids were just starting to feel better. All the scrubbing poop out of clothes and off the floor has made me think about cloth diapering. I am not at all grossed out about cleaning up poop so it just seems like the next logical step. I have done a lot of research and cloth diapers have evolved to be almost as easy and pain free as disposables. I am getting excited about the whole idea. The initial cost is the only thing that has kept me from taking the plunge. I want to make sure that I get the best possible diaper for the money. Also this child is my last so I do not want to put to much money into a system that will never be passed down to another child. Though I am encouraged that cloth diapers do seem to retain their value for resale.

My son has his first tooth! It broke the gum a couple of weeks ago. Its in an odd spot, up top and off to the side. Right now the gum is so swollen you can't even see the tooth anymore, there's just a hole in the gum where the tooth first poked out. It seems really weird, but I was told by a friend it happened to her son. This little boy has also started staring and snatching at my food. Even though he is only 4 months he seems to be ready to eat. I can't wait to start that part of his development.

Oh and I turned 29 a few days back! So I need to change my bio.