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better thicker baby vomit catcher

The last few days I have been sewing every spare chance that I can get! Which means I didn't have time to blog at all. I have been creating microfleecee pocket bibs and burp cloths for my son. My newest little one has a pretty bad case of reflux and throws up his meals all the time. Poor baby is always soaked when he wears regular bibs and I change his whole outfit a few times a day. Neither of us were happy with this arrangement so I created my own pattern for a bib that can handle his output. I started by tracing half of one of the insufficient bibs and enlarging and adjusting the pattern until it was just right. After I did that I added a 1/2 inch seam allowance around the whole thing. I folded a piece of fleece then pinned the pattern on the fold and cut around it. I did the same with the pocket. After that I sewed velcro to the "arms" of the bib on the right sides. With the right sides pinned together I then sewed up the pieces leaving a gap for turning. After snipping into the curves and turning I topstiched. Voila one thick bib complete with vomit pocket for my little guy! Now just to repeat several times so he has enough to make it through a few days. (Wish I wasn't typing this on my phone cause I'd upload pics so this all makes sense)